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Me, the me that you know. The girl that loves you. The girl that smiles as she brushes her fingers across your lips, who caresses your skin and lays gentle kisses on your forehead. The girl that is ever-forgiving, slightly insecure, an open book to you. The girl that trusts you. The girl that encourages you, ever at your side cheering you on. The girl who secretly fantasizes about your potential, the potential of the future for you and her. And she'll always be there.
But, she is gone.
Me, the me that you know. The girl that hates you. The girl that screams and cries when she looks at your face, who pushes you away when you try to get close. The girl that is full of grudges, that is a wreck, that reveals so much in her angry words. The girl that has no trust for you.  The girl that berates you, yells at you for your mistakes. The girl whose fantasies are as confusing as her change of heart, the potential for you and her seems impossible. And yet she's there.
But, she is gone.
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Sonnet 3
Anger inside is restless like a storm,
It tears me apart and in rage I'm bathed.
I can only sit and wait for the swarm;
To dissipate and to leave me unscathed.
I wish to return the hurt that you gave,
To take down your ego a notch or two.
But wrath is destined to make me its slave,
And I can't stand to lose myself to you.
In truth I need to embrace apathy;
And once the storm passes I can forget,
Then your face will fade from my memory,
Your name won't pounce from my lips with regret.
Besides the most pain your ego could feel,
Is forgetting you and starting to heal.
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Sonnet 2
The pain you gave to me is crippling;
I never knew how much someone could lie.
I was foolish to have kept believing,
Once the shade had been lifted from the eye.
You were so beautiful like the Huldra,
That I never bothered to look behind.
If I did I would see your insides raw,
Innards seeping from your back to unwind.
The ruse of your face and your hollow back,
Made me feel foolish and ready to die.
I can never forgive or give you slack,
I can only pull and profess your lie.
Wrath is a sin mostly deadly in nature,
But I feel no guilt to wish it'd occur.
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Sometimes I feel I am looking outside,
Like suspended in a crystal cocoon;
Fooled in seeing the world from the inside,
I think that I'm a butterfly in bloom.
The world seems so safe a place to confide,
A place to stretch my wings where there is room,
An inspiration to jump off and glide,
Where there is no fear for impending doom.
Until, that is, I'm hurt by this cruel world;
And I resolve to curl up and just die,
Resolve to never find myself unfurled,
Always to remain where I now do lie.
Yet it's always hard to contain the urge,
To continue to break free and emerge.
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Creepy ID by ienien Creepy ID :iconienien:ienien 0 3 DBS - 4 by ienien DBS - 4 :iconienien:ienien 0 2 DBS 3 by ienien DBS 3 :iconienien:ienien 0 2 DBS 2 by ienien DBS 2 :iconienien:ienien 1 0 DBS 1 by ienien DBS 1 :iconienien:ienien 0 0 DBS Cover by ienien DBS Cover :iconienien:ienien 0 0 Art Trade : Draco Surfing by ienien Art Trade : Draco Surfing :iconienien:ienien 2 4
The Verdict
Pacing the floor back and forth, I wait for the verdict.
When will the ugly face emerge to determine my fate?
No estimate is given; my adversaries have already entered the room to attend to the dirty business.
My eyes fixate to the door that separates us. That door placed so delicately against that white wall. That door, taunting me, almost beckoning me to go in.
But I'm no fool; I won't go and make it worse for myself.
No, I'll just stare at that door, that brown wooden door, holding my happiness and hopes inside, only to extinguish them.
I try to focus on my pacing; I try not to think about it so much. My steps on the floor fall hard and heavy, allowing me to block out all the miniscule noises coming from the rest of the building. All of my surroundings seem to melt away. Even the sick, invalid people begin to disappear, leaving only me surrounded in a void of nothingness… perhaps a prelude to my life afterwards?
I can't help but go back to ponder what's going on in that room. M
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She is an Angel :iconienien:ienien 0 2
Mature content
Hate for Lily :iconienien:ienien 0 0
ICU: Ice Cream Unicorn by ienien ICU: Ice Cream Unicorn :iconienien:ienien 1 3 Nymph Colored by ienien Nymph Colored :iconienien:ienien 0 5

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So haven't been here in a while, another one of my spastic leaves due to school and life in general. But I'm back and my fingers are itching to drawww. Hopefully I can fulfill that urge soon, I'm really looking to work on something that'll improve drawing proportions, spacing on comics, and coloring in general. I feel like figure studies and mini-comics will accomplish this so hopefully I can go about that soon. You'd think spring break, which is going on for me right now, would be the perfect time but I'm actually quite bussyyyy and my tablet is up at my dorm. I won't be up there until I need to go to work, and I'll be working for most of the time when I'm up there. Hopefully after work I can stay up there? I dunno. Either way, I've been scripting a comic so that's in the works, but I'll probably totally give up on that like I do on all things, which is why minicomics right now would be the best  bettt. I think I'll script one now, and maybe I can work on it later this week so I'll have SOMETHING to show for a week off. :)
I can't even beat pokemon black because that's on my computer up there. Sometimes it's very inconvenient to use a desktop as a college computer!


United States
This is me all day erryday.

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Game music, Instrumental, Industrial, Glam Rock, Electronic, Rock, Folk Metal
Favourite style of art: I appreciate everthing cartoony to realism but I fall somewhere in between.
Operating System: I'm coming to terms with Vista.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Homestuck
Favourite cartoon character: Uh, I like a lot of different ones, so hard to say. Maybe Helga Pataki?


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